Insulting of the user, or; you are the dumb one.

Browsing the steam store, I noticed they sold software as well.

I wasn’t necessarily looking for something to pirate, just what people are spending their money on. I came across a neat program called Black Ink. Black Ink can be used to draw for me because my talents are so poor.

They wanted $45 which I found to be unreasonable. Here’s how to get the software for free…


  1. Go to the product website
  2. Download the handy-dandy trial version
  3. Spend 4 hours reverse engineering licensing mechanism
  4. Discover a 1 minute solution to the problem


  • IDA 32 bit
  • mitmproxy
  • PE Explorer
  • regedit

nonsense: The application reaches out to an auth server with a GET request containing an e-mail, password, and product id. The response is a few hundred bytes and could be supplied by a proxy server. In the end this is not needed. I would like to see what a valid license looks like though.
The product ID seems to be some motherboard serial number or other WMI nonsense

additional nonsense: If you spent as much time as I in the license verification routine you will see encrypted strings reading “FuckingCracker” and “ReadMoreCode” or something to that effect. I was really offended that they would insult someone who was so interested in unlocking the full potential of their trial product.

does he mean us?

  1. Create string value AuthCode = NULL in HKCU/Software/Bleank/BlackInk
  2. Set string value Debugging = true in HKCU/Software/Bleank/BlackInk
  3. Enjoy your free software.

postscript: the program sets debugging = false on exit, every time before you start the application, set it back to true.
Additionally, there is a ‘debugging password’
that is itching to be found. I have found some candidates but do not care to try them.

Insulting of the user, or; you are the dumb one.